Focus on what they do

to understand who they are.

What We Do

Two things are widely accepted:

1. Customer experience is everything.

2. Data is important.

onthemarq consulting partners with small business and entrepreneurs in uncovering who their customers are and how to create the best experience for them. We do this through thoughtful data architecture and analysis. Our goal is to empower our business partners with data, information, and stories about their customers to build empathy and optimization opportunities.

Who We Are

Inquisitor. Learner. Socialite. Introvert. Seeker. Baker. Triathlete. Explorer.

Jacob H. Marquez is constantly curious – consistently questioning his environment and the status quo. Usually found researching a new topic or deepening his knowledge of another, he is often left in awe of his findings.

By blending a background in psychology, business, marketing, and data science – along with other related hobbies including but not limited to baking, triathlon, and coffee production – he is able to ask unique questions and draw connections others might overlook.